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My First Blog Post

  • By S TWIST
  • 24 Aug, 2016

It’s official, I have a blog and I know how to use it.

Welcome to our NEW Blog... This is a great way to share information and news with you all and I’m super excited to start this journey. Keep coming back to the Burlexercise site and check for updates right here on the blog.

Burlexercise - The Ultimate Showgirl Workout

By S TWIST 06 Jun, 2017
Tell us all about yourself Ceza...

I had never intended on becoming a fitness instructor, having chosen an engineering degree, but while looking for a job after uni, I fell in love with Pilates.  The Pilates studio owner planted the idea of me training to become an instructor.  I've always loved fitness, having tried different types of exercise, capoeira, trampolining, volleyball, aerial hoop, etc. and therefore realised a career in fitness really resonated with me.

A year and a half later, I found out about Burlexercise. I had previously tried Burlesque classes and loved them and I have always loved dancing, so this really appealed to me. I love how Burlexercise combines dance cardio and resistance training, because you don't often get the two together in a class. I love the music and I love how fun it is!

One thing I really love ( yep, there's a whole lotta love in this section ) about teaching fitness is seeing the difference it makes to people. They leave feeling better about themselves, their bodies are improving, they are becoming stronger, fitter, healthier and more confident! All of that makes me happier, knowing I'm making a difference to someone.

What's your favourite Showgirl move?
My favourite Showgirl move is the bum shimmy! Oh, but I also love the cancan! There are too many moves I love. Those two make me feel extra Showgirl and sexy and they are lots of fun to do!

Who is your favourite Diva and why?
My favourite Diva is Cher. I had her cassette as a kid and used to listen to her album a lot. I loved her outfits, even the very daring ones! I think she's had an amazing career, and a woman who demanded a separate room for her wigs while on tour deserves Diva status!

If you were sat around a dinner table with Elvis, the Rat Pack, Marilyn Monroe and Johnny Cash, what would you ask any of them and who would you sit next to?
I would sit next to the Rat Pack and Marilyn Monroe. I would ask them about their amazing journeys to get to where they got and also ask about all the nitty and gritty details behind the scenes, because I'm sure there are lots of amazing stories that aren't known.

Eating healthy daily is important, but when you're treating yourself, what is your most deliciously naughty favourite food?
I love eating healthy food but my weaknesses are bread, I could just eat loads of bread all day everyday and chocolate peanut butter, I just love the combination of peanut butter and chocolate! I believe everything in moderation is OK, occasionally you have to treat yourself and there's nothing wrong with that!

Do you have any cool tips on how we can keep active outside of class too?
I think keeping active is all about doing what appeals to you. If you enjoy walking, walk, if you like swimming, swim, if you like dancing, go dancing or dance around the house ( I do this way too often, hehe ). The most important thing is that you enjoy it, so it doesn't feel like something you have to do!
By S TWIST 25 May, 2017
So Lucy, tell us about you...
I am about to finish my degree in Health, Exercise and Physical Activity and am REPS level 2 qualified with level 3 qualifications in Clinical Exercise Referral for disabled and special populations and older adult exercise.  I fell in love with burlesque about 3 years ago when I found classes and experienced the complete empowerment and body confidence that burlesque promotes.  I have performed burlesque but not professionally, when I found Burlexercise I felt as though this was the perfect outlet to combine my passion for wellness with my love of burlesque and performing!  I wanted to share the self confidence, sassiness and sexiness that I found from practising burlesque and taking care of yourself!  I thrive on helping people realise that exercise is fun if you find the right outlet!

- What's your favourite Showgirl move?

My favourite showgirl move is 'Shiiiimmmmyyyy!!!'

- Who is your favourite Diva and why?
My ultimate diva and absolute icon is Joan Collins! She epitomises class, poise and strength without compromising femininity!

- If you were sat around a dinner table with Elvis, the Rat Pack, Marilyn Monroe and Johnny Cash, what would you ask any of them and who would you sit next to?
I would ask Marilyn about her secrets, I bet she had so many tales to tell! I'd sit between her and Johnny Cash, that would be an interesting sandwich!

- Eating healthy daily is important, but when you're treating yourself, what is your most deliciously naughty favourite food?
My favourite 'naughty' food is homemade extra spicy chilli with sweet potato fries, guacamole and lots of cheese! I don't necessarily believe any foods are naughty tho, if you eat moderately and make sure you move enough, nothing is naughty!!!! 

- Do you have any cool tips on how we can keep active outside of class too?
I believe that physical activity should not have to be a chore, do what makes you happy! Dance, walk, run, swim, just move your body and you'll feel good!
By S TWIST 07 Apr, 2017

Hi everyone, yes we have Burlexercise in Cornwall!

I have always loved dancing and many types of music from Jazz and Swing, to whatever is playing currently on the radio. I am a huge fan of Strictly Come Dancing, glitz, glamour and of course anything in shocking cerise pink - it’s actually my favourite colour!!  I have recently taken up Salsa dancing and am regularly caught trying new moves around my kitchen, at work whilst teaching, or at the photocopier and well pretty much anywhere, but you’ve just got to move when you want to…..right?  I love the Jive, Quickstep and many others but Burlexercise is what I do the most (even when not in class).  My biggest hobby has always been fitness, I enjoy anything from running to Yoga, so I qualified as a fitness/Spinning instructor in 2015.

Intrigued by my Aunt’s Burlesque career, I did some homework into the art of Burlesque, joined a dance group, developed my confidence and have performed on stage as a Burlesque dancer and have been a stage kitty too.  When I found Burlexercise I knew it would be a fab-u-lous class to deliver to my ladies, and it was something a different to the other dance fitness classes on offer.

I love the showgirl elements and I really enjoy adding those little touches of sass to my class.  I am coming up to almost a year of teaching Burlexercise and the feedback is always brilliant.  I love watching my ladies build in confidence and have fun and get fit!  It is a glamorous alternative to the gym and is accessible to all ages and fitness levels.  I have the most wonderfully inspiring and supportive showgirl troupes (both in Burlexercise and Burlesque) we sing, do 'accidental solo’s’ and we always remember that it’s not what you’ve got, it’s the fun you have shakin' it!!

Your favourite Showgirl move- struuuuuuutt!

Who's your biggest musical influence?    Jazz and upbeat, Sonny Lester and his Orchestra, Lament is a great burlesque tune (first one I ever performed to, in fact).

If you were stranded on a desert island in the 1950's with the Rat Pack, Elvis and Marilyn all there together, what 3 Showgirl essentials would you have with you?   My Gold sparkly heels, Red dress and some champers of course!

Eating healthy daily is important, but when you're treating yourself, what is your most deliciously naughty favourite food?   I eat healthily most of the time, however I am partial (like most girls) to some chocolate (dark-salted or vanilla to be precise).

Do you have any cool tips on how we can keep active outside of a Burlexercise class too?  I am very active, I walk, run or wiggle everywhere, exercise every day and track it all on my Fitbit.  I regularly set myself and my colleagues/Burlexercise classes little challenges – you’d be surprised what you can do in a small space and in a small amount of time to get more active! Challenge yourself, don’t be afraid to be a beginner!

By S TWIST 10 Mar, 2017
At Burlexercise we want you to get to know our class teachers, find out who's running a class near you and also get to know what makes them one of our special 'Showgirl Instructors'.   This month we're chatting to the fabulous Kim...  
By S TWIST 28 Feb, 2017
Since 2017 began we have been out on the road, getting Burlexercise classes out around the UK for you to try! 

In January we joined FitJam at Alton Towers, a fun fitness weekend filled with a huge variety of classes to experience and try.  You can see a snippet of us at FitJam 2017 in the video below. 

We love attending fitness weekends.  We get to teach the workout with a wiggle to new class members who haven't tried Burlexercise before.  The classes are always high energy and buzzing and the feedback we get at the end of class, is what makes it all worth it!

"This was fantastic.  I was expecting a class of low energy and just to cruise through it, but I was pleasantly surprised!  It was a real workout, but really fun at the same time. That flew by!  We'll be back tomorrow."  Claire - FitJam 2017

Why we feel it works so well as a community class and especially at these events, is because the class itself is designed for ALL ages and fitness levels.  Our Showgirls and Showboys can push themselves to burn over 500 kcal per class, or they can take it at their own pace and enjoy the eclectic soundtrack; including tracks from Dolly Parton, Britney Spears, Paula Abdul, Moulin Rouge, Copa Cabana, Dirty Dancing and many more! 

The class is 30 minutes dance cardio, 30 minutes resistance with our weighted boas and we finish off with a nice slow stretch to release any tension, making sure our muscles recover quickly. 

By S TWIST 02 Nov, 2016
Stacey Knight... Welcome to the Burlexercise team, tell us a bit more about you...

Hi, I'm a 31 year old Personal Trainer living in Leek, Staffordshire with my husband and 3 year old daughter. Alongside my personal training clients I also teach Les Mills BodyPump, Les mills Grit Series, Spinning and and I am kettle bell instructor qualified. When I heard about Burlexercise I just knew straight away it would be such a fun class to teach and when I asked the ladies at one of my current fitness classes they were really excited about the prospect so I got booked straight on to the next available course. I love the fun showgirl aspect of the class, getting fit doesn't always have to be about the gym and serious, it can be lots of fun too!! It's a great workout but you can really let your hair down and have a good giggle with friends at the same time.

What is your favourite Showgirl Move?
My favourite showgirl move is the mambo cha cha 

Who is your biggest musical influence?  
I absolutely love Elvis Presley!! I just wish I could have been around when he was!!!

If you were stranded on a Desert Island in the 1950's with the Rat Pack, Elvis and Marilyn Monroe, which 3 items would you have to have with you?
My 3 items I would have with me would be:
- A red lipstick
- A bottle of Marilyn's favourite Dom Perignon to share
- A guitar so Elvis could perform for us all!!

Eating healthy daily is important, but when you're allowing yourself a deliciously naughty treat, what would it be? 
Healthy eating daily is something I'm very passionate about but when I do have a naughty treat I love a bit of salted caramel chocolate!!

Do you have any cool tips on how to keep active outside of Burlexercise classes too?
I'm extremely active I never really sit down, I've got a fit watch which tracks my steps, calories and active minutes and also my sleep, they are really good for keeping track and if you aren't already active it's a good step to getting you to challenge yourself, you can also link them up with friends devices so you can share how well you are doing.

By S TWIST 27 Oct, 2016

This month we're going to chat to Tina Allen .  Our Burlexercise Showgirl Instructor for September!

Tell us about YOU Tina, why did you get into Teaching Fitness?

I decided I wanted a career change.  I wanted to do something I felt passionate about and would help others.  I had a passion for fitness so thought...why not try that as a career?  Initially I trained as a Gym Instructor and achieved my Level 2 qualification.... But having danced as a child my real passion was dance fitness.  

Since having my daughters I have lived my love of dance through them.   I also loved going to Zumba & Barre classes.  As well as a boogie round the house.  So my next step in my career change was dance fitness.  I trained as a BalletBeFit instructor then completed the Total Barre instructor qualification. I started instructing 2 classes a week and loved it.... which was odd as previously I hated standing up in front of people and talking.  Clearly I had found my calling so in March 2015 I took the plunge and resigned from my job of 17 years in a bank.  

I started working as a Fitness Coach at studying for my Level 3 Personal Trainer qualification.  I passed this in July 2015 and made a bigger decision to go 100% self-employed... Burlexercise was my next challenge.

I first heard about Burlexercise in Mar 2015.  I loved the sound of the class.  The resistance element and the sassy dance cardio really appealed to me.  In September 2015 I attended the Burlexercise instructor training day.  A fabulous day and I fell completely in love with the programme.  Having passed the assessment, I was ready to go.  My first Burlexercise class took place in November 2015 and I haven't looked back.  I love teaching the class and get so excited when there is a be volume release. I now have a sassy & sparkling future ahead.

Your Showgirl Instructor Secrets...

What's your favourite Showgirl move?

The shimmy of course.

Who's your biggest musical influence?

There are so many to choose from.   I am a pop girl at heart and have always been partial to a boyband... The ultimate boyband for me was & still is, after 21 years, Backstreet Boys, closely followed by New Kids on the Block & Take That.  

If you were stranded on a desert island in the 1950's with the Rat Pack, Elvis and Marilyn all there together, what 3 Showgirl/Showboy essentials would you have with you?

With all those fabulous artists & the beautiful Marilyn I would need to look the part.  So it would be:

1. A gorgeous shimmering gown

2. Bright Red Lipstick

3. And the ultimate showgirl accessory a boa.

Eating healthy daily is important, but when you're treating yourself, what is your most deliciously naughty favourite food?

I have a sweet tooth so when I want to indulge I love nothing more than Chocolate brownie with ice-cream.

Do you have any cool tips on how we can keep active outside of class too?

Put your favourite music on and dance like no one is watching.  Burn calories & feel awesome.

Also walk as much as you can.  Leave the car behind put on some comfy shoes and go for a walk.  Clear your head & enjoy being outdoors.

By S TWIST 04 Oct, 2016


Sophie has been attending 1 x Burlexercise class per week and topping up during the week with our Showgirl Circuits Home Editions, which can be found on our  YouTube  channel or  Facebook  page.

She has made minor adjustments to her everyday diet, such as; cutting back on sugar, swapping white for brown carbohydrates and increasing her vegetable intake (see previous Blog post on dietary adaptations).

So where is she 6 months down the line?

Measurements in Feb 2016:

Waist: 27.5”  

(LOST total of 2.5 inches)

Hip/Bottom: 40”

(LOST total of four inches)

Thigh R: 20.5”

(LOST 3 inches)

Thigh L: 20.5”

(LOST 3 inches)

Both Arms: 9”

(Both LOST 1 inch)

So what does Sophie have to say about this?

“ I have loved every minute of Burlexercise, not only does every class leave me smiling ear to ear but it works! I am so much fitter, more toned and healthier then 6 months ago!  I am now Hooked!”

So you see Showgirls and Showboys... Not only is Burlexercise darn good fun, it's a ruddy good workout too... and that's why we call it THE ULTIMATE SHOWGIRL WORKOUT!

To find your nearest class, or to join the team and become a Burlexercise instructor, visit our website:

Or email us at:

Lots of Love

Katie, Sarah-Lou

& the lovely yummy mummy Sophie!


By S TWIST 06 Sep, 2016
At the beginning of the journey, Sophie did a food diary for us for 3 days, above are her results.  She's still breast feeding, so it was important to emphasise that we didn't want Sophie to 'diet', what we want to look at, and advise on are the types of calories entering her body.

"Sophie, you are still breast feeding, so I don’t want you to start thinking about cutting calories , all we need to do is focus on the types of calories entering your body.  Therefore – when putting meals together as well as looking at the ‘Good Food Plate’ (diagram shown below), we need to look at the quality of food you're eating."

Next Steps for you:

             1 – More variety!   It’s hard to grasp over 3 days, but keep a large variety of all components of your diet. Make healthy snacks interesting by mixing it up between fruit/veg/nuts/seeds etc. and get fish/vegetarian alternatives into your meals a couple of nights a week, to break away from meat which is high in saturated fat.

·           2 – More GOOD fat!  Your current diet is very high in saturated fats. Include more good fat in your diet e.g. oily fish, nuts as well as the avocado you already include.  

·          3 – Less Sugar!   You have a lot of processed/sugary food. Enjoy the cakes/brownies but not every day. Try and have at least 4 days within the week where you cut right back on those types of snacks & use low GI healthy snacks instead… & think about portion size, do you need the whole slice or could you share it?  (That doesn't mean you shouldn't treat yourself once a week.)

·           4 – Protein & Dairy…  Be aware of the amount of protein you are consuming. At the moment it is probably slightly too much and your dairy intake could increase. I know you can’t have cow’s milk but you can get the nutrients from alternatives and certain vegetables etc.

·          REGULAR SNACKING  – It is better to have a smaller portion for breakfast, lunch and dinner and snack on healthy, Low GI snacks throughout the day than it is to have large meals. The body can only use a limited amount of calories and the rest is stored, so little and often means we’re constantly using, rather than using what we can and storing the rest as fat. Low GI is also important, especially if you feel a slump of energy mid-morning or around 3pm which is where we crave the sugary boost.

By S TWIST 25 Aug, 2016
After giving birth to a beautiful baby girl and thriving on motherhood for 8 months, Sophie decided it was time to focus on getting fit again and hopefully returning to her pre-baby weight.  She came to Burlexercise for help, so we did... Over 5 months we looked at Sophie's diet, her exercise regime and how she can realistically make adaptions and increase her exercise with an 8 month old baby who was still breast feeding.  This is the beginning...  

The Programme:
- 1 x Burlexercise 60 minute Class per week
- 2 x Burlexercise 30 minute top up home session
- Nutritional Advice

The Stats August 1st 2015:
- Waist: 30 inches
- Hip: 44 inches
- Thigh R: 23.5 inches
- Thigh L: 23.5 inches
- L arm: 10 inches
- R arm: 10 inches
- Weight: Approx 11 Stone  

We asked Sophie what she thought before she started... 

What are your goals for the end of the 4 months?
To be toned, to be a size 10/12 rather than 12/14 and to make a healthy change to my exercise and eating habits in a way that is maintainable with my baby filled life!

What do you enjoy about exercise?
I love the buzz after a class!  I like the fact it is a bit of me time too!  When I've got into it and do it regularly and I can start to see it working, it really drives me to keep going. 

What do you dislike about exercise?

The initial motivation to do it! To not just sit on the sofa with a glass of wine and have a rest but to get going instead, that's pretty hard at the moment!

What's your naughty food weakness?

What exercise have you done in the past?
I've always been a keen cyclist, and last year I attended weekly Spinning and Pilates classes.
After our introduction, Sophie started the process of a food diary for us, and started her exercise programme with Burlexercise.

We will update you next week as to what happened next!  See her BEFORE pictures below...
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