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Fun aerobic and toning dance fitness sessions in London and across the UK

Burn calories whilst having fun and finding your inner showgirl! Come to a Burlexercise class for aerobic fitness and strength training, or become an instructor and teach our showgirl dance fitness moves!
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What is Burlexercise? 

Burlexercise is a medium - high intensity fitness class designed specifically for an all over body workout. Our classes take you on a physical journey, burning calories, toning and tightening all those problem areas from top to bottom, whilst incorporating token showgirl elements. Our focus is to get you fit, in shape and feeling body confident but most importantly we'll make sure you are having fun exercising!
Burlexercise Classes

Burlexercise Classes

Class begins with a dance aerobic cardio workout incorporating showgirl dance moves. The second half of the class is a resistance workout for the whole body using our very own weighted boas! To finish off, our cool down will fully stretch all the muscles worked so you recover nice and quickly.

All of this is done to Burlesque inspired music from Electro Swing to Showgirl Soundtracks with a few pop diva's thrown in there too! The great music, fun atmosphere and showgirl sassiness means you get a class that is energizing and entertaining as well as a good workout! Classes are available nationwide. 
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Learn to be a fitness Instructor 

The creators of Burlexercise have taken inspiration from their careers as London West End dancers, fitness instructors, personal trainers and also professional Burlesque performers to bring you an exercise class like no other! 

Whether you are a body builder, dancer or a fitness freak, we can train you to become a professional instructor. 
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Getting in touch 

Whether you want to join our fitness classes or want to become an instructor, we have various options for you. 

We conduct classes throughout the UK and we’d love you to set up your own class if you qualify to become an instructor. 

Contact us with detailed information about your current expertise and expectations from our classes and instructor training programmes. 
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See our showgirl workout in action

 "I'm sad when we start to cool down - the last hour has flown by - but I've had more fun in Burlexercise than any other fitness class"... Vicki-Marie Cossar  - METRO
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